When it comes to provide Computer and Networking Support Services we can pretty much cover all of New Jersey for computer and networking support. If you are a business, home office or just a residential customer, for all your Computer Support Needs in NJ, New Jersey call TechnicsOne LLC 609-625-1555. TechnicsOne LLC takes pride in providing NJ - New Jersey Computer Support and makes sure that each and every customer is totally satisfied from our service. Call us now for Computer and Networking Support Solutions, 609-625-1555.

Remote Services

TechnicsOne LLC offers several different options for remote services. Wether you need help remotely, or if you want to connect to your office from your home or elsewhere, we have perfect solutions for your needs. Moreover if you are one of our commercial client we offer remote network monitoring for your whole network, which enables us to find out the issue before it is to late and take appropriate measures to bring you back up fast. Think of us as ADT of your IT Infrastructure. Click Here For Details

New Computer Setup:

TechnicsOne LLC can help you setup your new computer system and get you up and running in no time. If you have purchased a new computer system and would like us to setup your computer system we can take care of that. Our No Hassel, Computer Setup package consists of two different price structures. Click Here for details

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Data loss and not having a reliable data backup solution is a very critical issues that gets over looked by organizations and small business owners. To keep their IT spending cost down they either do not implement any Data backup and disaster recovery or use one of the legacy models such as Tape Backup solutions. TechnicsOne LLC offers many different data backup and disaster recovery options depending on the size of your organization. Click here for more details on Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning Services.

Laptop Repair:

Broken LCD's, Motherboard/CPU replacement, broken hinges, laptop hard drive upgrade/replacement, memory upgrade/replacement, laptop software issues, we can take care of them all. Just give us a call 609-625-1555 and we will arrange for the pickup. Clickhere for more details

Computer Repair, Upgrade and Troubleshooting:

From Repairing your Computers and bringing them back to life to helping you upgrade your computer so it can run better and handle your applications in a way that is not a headache anymore. We Can help you troubleshoot your hardware and application problems as well as spy ware and Virus problems. We try to eliminate spy ware and virus and unlike other places we do not simply suggest to reinstall every thing unless it is really necessary. Click Here for more information

Voice and Data Cabling:

Cabling is an important part of your network. It connects your computer systems and telephone lines to each other, thus it is very important that the voice and data cabling design meets industry standards. Our certified cable installers can design a perfect system for you that will meet industry standards and give your network a speed boost. Contact us today for a custom price quote 609-625-1555. Click Here for more details.

Networking (Wired and Wireless):

If you are in need of a network either at home or your office we have a complete solution for you. we can do a free site survey for your wired or wireless networking, listen to your needs and build a free quote for you and tell you what exactly you will get and what benefits you will get from it. We have specialized people for Wireless Networking too, who can implement a secure and robust wireless network for you. These days wireless networks are becoming popular and lot of people are trying to use them however our recent studies showed that within 10 mile radius there were over 500 offices and homes with wireless network with no security setup.
At TechnicsOne we also can setup an internet cafe for your restaurant or hotel to attract more customers. People who travel like to check their email or access their home PC's from other places. Hot Spots come in handy for these travelers and they love to stay or go to places where they can simply turn on their laptop and get online. This in turn can bring more customers for you. Moreover we also provide Hot spot management and management for your Network so you do not have to worry about it.
You can boost your sales and productivity at least 25% altogether with these solutions. Have a network already and you are having problem? Not a problem may be it needs upgrades and tweaking or security setup. We can Help you either way.

Spy ware and Virus Removals:

If you are noticing that your computer is running slow and sluggish, you are getting lot of popup, lot of spam, computer locking up and freezing up, doing all kinds of weird things that it is not supposed to do, most likely you have spy ware and or virus in your computer. Most of the people like to wait till they can not use the computer any more. However that is not the best path to take as spy ware and virus can damage your data and it can also disable your anti virus software, thus leaving your computer susceptible to most Virus. Another notion among our clients we have seen is that they think if they have an anti virus software installed it will protect them from spy ware too, however that is not the case. If you get spy ware in your computer and you only have anti virus solution installed it will not prevent you from getting more spy ware, eventually leading to a total system crash and disaster.
Please do note that the more you wait more spy ware will spread all over you system and more difficult it will be to clean your computer. So do not wait until the end. Call us today to take care of your spy ware and virus issues. We offer free pickup and drop off in Atlantic, Cape May, Salem and Cumberland Counties. THINK, HOW CRITICAL YOUR DATA IS TO YOU!!!!. Do you really want to lose all your family pictures for the last few years, do you really want to lose all your mp3's, college reports, financial information etc? Call Us For a Free estimate 609-625-1555.

Web Hosting and Design:

TechnicsOne can help you go online and present your business to potential clients. You can provide information about your services, what you can do for them and how can you help them and what do you sell and have to offer. Just like you are on this site and we are trying to explain you our services you can do the same exact thing. Having a web site basically means having a 24X7 Store and the best thing is that you do not even have to pay any one to sit there and answer the phone calls and questions. A properly designed site that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate, answers over 60% of your customers questions. And once their questions are answered first thing they do is contact you, which means now you have a 95% chance of making that sale instead of losing it to your competition.
Studies have shown that people are staying online more and more these days, which means they try to look for products and answers online. Why? because it is easy since they can do it from the comfort of their home. By giving them a site that gives them the answers certainly gives you an edge over your competition. It is a known fact that getting a customer in that door or to have the customer call is one of the critical part of making that sale. Your online presence can help you get that call. TechnicsOne can not only provide you with a site, but can also take care of the hosting for you. Moreover we can also setup mail boxes for you so you can have your own business email. What looks better?


Besides your web site we can custom design Contact Forms so that your clients can contact you easily. If you are a lawyer or in any business that requires you to setup appointments with clients give us a call - we have a solution for you. So why wait or go to a place where you can not find a complete solution for your needs. We can get where you need to be. Call us now 609-625-1555 or Contact TechnicsOne LLC Note: This service is provided to you through our business partners

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